Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Show and Tell: A Day in Our Life

For my first ever blog entry, I thought I'd do a simple little "Show and Tell" about a typical day in our homeschooling life. Today, we had no big plans. I thought we would drive down to our favorite hang out, the beach in Cornucopia, or "Corny Beach." Since we have no school bus to catch, we wake up when we want, eat a big breakfast, pack a snack and head out the door for our own field trip - no permission slips necessary. The big tip of the day for anyone living or traveling around Lake Superior is: pack for all kinds of weather. It's been really hot up on the hill. You never know if it will be cool at the lake or scorching hot.

To our surprise, The Eastern Tiger Swallowtails were out and about fluttering all over the beach.

Great to sneak up on...

and catch!

Finn was fascinated by this really cool bug.

It looked like a large ant with wings, but it couldn't fly. It was scurrying around in the sand making these tiny little trails with it's body. It would try climbing these little mounds and drifts of sand, only to fall back down. After a few minutes of watching trial and error, Finn and Piper decided to help the bug by making flat trails for it to crawl in. My little bug helpers.

After our day at the beach, we came home to hang our beach towels on the line, only to discover our first fully bloomed out Lupine. A beauty.

Just a sample of one day on Siskiwit. Welcome to my blog, and I look forward to sharing more with everyone.


  1. Beautiful! It is nice to see the kiddos in their element! I'm looking forward to following your blog, Angie. Very pretty!

  2. Love the blog, Ang. I look forward to more postings. :)