Saturday, August 28, 2010

Rockin' Out

Back in the day, I was a pretty good rock climber. But it's been a really long time. Like 10 years plus a running injury. So, when opportunity knocks (like your rock climbing superstar girlfriends coming for a visit) who wouldn't open that door? I never thought I'd be climbing in the Bayfield area. There's not so much to climb around here, besides the sea caves, and I would not recommend that. We found out about a site that Northland College uses which is sort of top secret. So, I'm not sure I should disclose the location. I can say this: it's just outside of Grandview. I don't think any of the climbs are named, or rated for that matter. We just had to give it a whirl. Charlotte and Finn were so excited to join my girlfriends and me. This was their introduction to Rock Climbing.

Charlotte is checking in with her Belayer, Lisa. Look, she has on my climbing shoes!

There she goes!

Finn checks his figure eight knot.

A little boost is needed.

Is Lisa a pro or what? Look at that form!

Anne goes up the crack.

I'm almost to the top.

Two tired climbers. Waiting around for your turn is the hardest part, but they made pretty good "Crag Kids".

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