Monday, September 27, 2010

Belated Birthday Wishes

Ugh. I feel like a bad mommy. I really should have posted this one sooner, but better late than never, right? My middle child turned six years old on September 10th which was like two weeks ago. So, here is the birthday post.

Every year, I decorate a birthday cake. I do my best to fill all requests. Some time I'll do a cake post just to show you all the cakes I have done in the past. This year, Finn wanted a cake with our dog, Strider on it. Not being so confident in being able to pull off a convincing dog body, I asked him if I could do Strider swimming in Lake Superior. That way, the cake would have some color on it. Dog head, I thought I could pull that one off. He was delighted with that. So, here he is with his sixth birthday cake. He is wearing the Big Feather Hat that Jamie normally wears for our birthday parties.

Gramma and Grampa Steckart came for the day. We had a wonderful lunch with them, some cake and of course, gifts!!! Finn has had his eye on a big horse to play with, ever since Charlotte got one from Gramma for her birthday. Gramma bought his months ago. Already, Charlotte and Finn have spent hours together playing with their horses.

Of course, having a Star Wars Geek for a dad has it's perks when you are a six year old Star Wars lover yourself. Hmmm. now how did that happen? And who will have more fun with all the Star Wars stuff here?

Finn assembled this one all by himself. Just look at that "Starry Eyed" grin.

Happy Birthday big boy!

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