Saturday, December 4, 2010

Am I Crazy?

Yes, Charlotte got into the Annie play. Her part is a Choral Orphan. She is thrilled with this. And me? I am thrilled too, but I'm starting to feel a little anxiety over this decision. Mostly because I thought getting the kids to and from soccer felt overwhelming at times. We have entered a new frontier of craziness, but really, maybe it won't be all that bad. Bear with me as I talk myself into seeing the positive side of this decision.

First, we don't have a school schedule to worry about. This means, no getting to bed early, getting up early, no homework to worry about.

Second, we will rearrange our schedule so our errands are done during play practice. This means, we will not be doing story hour for a couple of months, which Charlotte was bummed about. But she doesn't really participate in that anymore. She independently goes off and checks out her own books and reads while the youngers sit and listen to stories. Thank god the library in Washburn is open on weeknights until 8:00pm.

Third, I have friends that said they will help me when I need it during the week. I'm pretty much single mom until the weekends.

Fourth, I've been told that play practices are interesting enough to hold the attention of the younger brother and sister. Sometimes, we will be staying to watch practice.

And last, everyone I have talked to has said "You just can't miss this opportunity." So, I'm talking myself into helping my daughter take this on. So, the positives are:

1) She will get free dance, singing and acting lessons. (Well, the cost is all the driving I'll be doing)
2) She will get to know a whole new group of girls, all participating in a very fun activity.
3) She'll be a part of something BIG!
4) She'll be taking direction and learning from adults other than her mom and dad.
5) This will give her a beginner experience, which can lead to other plays. She'll have a choral part in her back pocket.
6) It's ANNIE for cryin' out loud!


  1. Angie, you might be crazy *busy* for a while, but you must know that it is going to be so, so cool to watch your daughter own this experience! Way to go, Charlotte!

  2. We are chuggin along! She is loving it! It's great to see all these girls of various ages who were really quiet at first start to open up and have fun with each other. Charlotte is meeting and enjoying new friends, learning to dance and sing!!! I