Saturday, January 22, 2011

Septic Systems, Rural Living and Hardcore Woman

When you live out in the country, far from the nearest store, problems arise that can't be solved by a quick call from some expert. Yesterday I awoke to a god awful smell emanating from one of the sink drains. Yes fumes from the septic were backing up into the house. Despite sub-zero temps, I trudged out into snow and pried the lids off the tanks to check out the flow to the drain field. That part of the system was working, which is good. Then I glanced up on the roof at the main stack and said aw sh*t, literally. The main stack was frozen with a nice ice plug. For those of you who need a refresher, when you flush a toilet or drain a sink the process requires two things, the ability to drain (which was working) and the ability to vent (which was not).

To get a picture imagine emptying a gas can with out pulling out the yellow vent plug. The process needs to replace the liquid gas that is emptying with air to equalize the pressure or the flow will stop.

Into the house I went and told my hardcore wife what we needed to do. At first she thought I was crazy but I convinced her it was perfectly safe, I would spot her. Here is a photo as she scales the roof to unplug the vent

YouTube Video

Some people marry for money, some people marry for position, I was fortunate to marry a woman who is one hardcore chick. Process completed, air smelled good again in the house and $500 service call avoided - Priceless. Girls Rule!

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  1. You are so so lucky Mr Steckart!!!! Angie you rule:)