Sunday, February 6, 2011

First and Last! Go Packers!

As a child growing up in Green Bay, WI, Sundays were saved for football. Shoveling the stadium, marching in the half time show. Living next door to Packer Players. It is hard to contemplate Green Bay without the Packers.

I played football in school and enjoyed the sport but would never consider myself a football fanatic. You know the type. On Saturday, they wake up and watch college football all day. Then Sunday comes and football consumes that day. Monday night, Thursday too. From August to February, football schedules rule their lives.

I must admit I have missed the Superbowl many years, why you ask? The absence of the Pack. Packer football is more than just the game. It brings back the memories of youth, of community, of friends, and family.

I have watched the Facebook traffic of my friends and I have come to the conclusion that you can be a fanatic Packer fan, and not be a fanatic football fan. At least in our house this is the case.

Today we prepare for the biggest Packer game of the year. The 20lbs of ham has been cooked and sliced, great Grandpa Steckart's famous beans have been started, my wife decorated the desert.

We have invited a motley crew of people to help cheer on the only team in football. It's amazing that the Pack has existed from the beginning, and for me that history is the connection that grounds my past to the present.

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