Friday, July 2, 2010

This Hike Introduced Some Cool Rocks and Signs of Moose

Today's hike on the Helenbar Trail was about four miles. It was nice and flat along the lake for about a mile.

Before we headed up, the trail stopped at the lake's edge where canoeists exit for the Portage between the lakes. It was a beautiful sandy beach. Unfortunately, we didn't stop, or the kids would have lost their steam. We pressed on.

Along the way, we stopped and observed many fascinating rocks. This was a cool one, with round pieces of quartz all stuck together, along with some other minerals.

I didn't think we would see any signs of Moose up this far North. The terrain was high and rocky, and I always assumed Moose preferred low and marshy areas, but we found several Moose tracks. This was the best example next to Finn's hand.

We think this may be a Moose scraping his antlers on the tree.

Definitely Moose Poop. It's bigger than the deer droppings we are so used to seeing around our house.

A very large tree that was begging to be hugged.

Happy to make it to the top!

Jamie took this picture. I love that the leaf's shadow is green.

A huge boulder left behind from the Glacial Melt down.

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