Thursday, July 1, 2010

Cairns, Fish -n- Chips and a Highway Carved From Stone

Trans-Canada Highway Ontario 17 follows the Northern shoreline of Lake Huron. When we first started out on this route, we started noticing piles of rocks way up on the tops of rock walls where the highway was carved out. They reminded me of the cairns (piles of rocks) we would see on backpacking routes to help hikers find their way. These were a little more interesting though. Some were shaped like people, and some even displayed red ribbons or the Canadian flag. In order to build one of these cairns, one would have to park along the side of the highway and climb to the top of a wall to build it. A daring feat.

I took a picture of this cairn while we stopped at one of the many "Fresh Cut Fries" stands, where we had two marvelous baskets of fresh Fish-n-Chips.

The Canadians are so polite, and like to remind drivers gently to take care of themselves while driving. This one gets right to the point: Fatigue Kills Take A Break.

A highway carved out of stone.

We made it to our destination. It was WAY off the beaten path. There were not many people staying there. It was secluded, untouched. It reminded us of a cross between the Boundary Waters of Minnesota, and the shores of Maine. here is Piper killing some time with a journal.

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