Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Waking Up In Prison

Today, we woke up in our prison dorm room.

I failed to mention that other people staying in the prison actually occupied the small prison cells, in the long hallways below us, behind bars. It was the size of two of these cells put together. Yes, all three children are crunched into that cell. The width of it could only fit a cot.

As I walked down to the bathroom this morning, I overheard the following conversation: Lady one said, "Wow, it's small in here! How did you sleep?". Lady number two respond, "Not too well. It was pretty creepy.". Another thing I failed to mention is that this prison is supposedly haunted. Of course, we didn't want to freak out our kids, so we forgot to tell them.

After a cold bowl of cereal in our room and a couple more shots of the jail from the outside, we said goodbye to Ottawa and steered our van for Algonquin.

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