Sunday, October 31, 2010

Family Fun Night

Every year the town of Herbster, Wisconsin puts on a family fun night.  When I was a kid,  Halloween meant you ran around the neighborhood collecting candy.  And every year the weather was so bad you never got to show off your costumes.  Mom made sure to bundle you up and as a result, G.I. Joe, Batman, and Wonder Woman were covered by long coats and scarves, or 50 gallon garbage bags when it was raining.

The emergence of family fun nights not only makes the event safer, i.e. no cars, no razors in the candy, but it gives a chance for the kids and adults to show off their costumes.  At the Herbster event, there are games and a haunted house, a cake walk, pictures and an age graded contest for the best costumes.  This year Angie and I won best adult costume, Finn took third place in his age group and Charlotte won overall scariest costume.  We won a cake and the kids came home with a bag full of prizes.  Thank you goes to the Herbster community for putting on another great event.  It is definitely one of the ones we look forward to each year.  And now the participants:

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