Thursday, October 21, 2010

When Sick, Play Card Games and Bake Pumpkins

I feel like all we have been doing this week is sit, or lay around. But, what else can we do when we have fevers and are clutching our ice cream-bucket close at hand for, well, you know. So far, Charlotte is the last one standing. We are hunkered down, keeping a cozy fire going and eating a lot of chicken soup. Oh, did I mention that we are watching a lot of movies? Thank goodness we recently received some new games in the mail that have been a lot of fun, and educational too. "Sleeping Queens" and "Frog Juice" are our newest card games and have been a big hit.

What else do we when trapped inside? Harvest and bake pumpkins from the garden. It helps to keep the house warm and smells really good too.

So, I'm trying to look at this differently. We are not being lazy. We are resting and nurturing our bodies. Cuddling, for sometimes hours, is necessary and forces me as mom to slow down. And it's OK. Because this too shall pass. Right? Hope everyone else is surviving this nasty flu bug.

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