Sunday, October 31, 2010

Service Learning and Gale Force Winds

Last week while I lay in bed with the flu, Mother Nature decide to drop the big one on the South Shore of Lake Superior. The barometer dropped so low that if the storm would have been over the ocean it would have been classified a hurricane. Six huge Aspens on our property snapped like twigs and lay like pick up sticks. Fortunately two years ago I cleared the forty year old trees away from our house and garage, so none landed on our buildings.

Once the power was restored and the town cleared the roads of dead trees, we went to town to pick up the mail. Along the way we drove by our 80 year old neighbors and saw an awesome sight.

When is the right time to teach service learning to your kids Piper, 3; Finn, 6; Charlotte, 8; decided that it was a great time to help out our neighbors. The blow down was so large that they would be unable to get their car out of the garage. Thanks to a husqvarna and an awesome family we got that bad boy cut up and cleared in two hours.

While I used the saw, the kids and Angie dragged away the slash and rolled the chunks into a pile. Work completed we headed home to prepare for family fun night at Herbster.

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