Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Bye Bye Miss Mousie

Yesterday, our morning started off bright and cheery in St. Claire, Ontario where we awoke to find that one of our rodent stowaways was caught in a sticky trap under the rear wheel of our van. We think it was the momma mouse. She was rather plump and still alive. The scene was not pretty. While I took the kids to the Jon, Jamie disposed of the carcass. This is quite comical since I was just reading the kids a book the night before about mice going on a field trip to Niagra Falls. Why do children's authors try to make mice cute, like Stewart Little, or Desperaux?

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  1. LOL!! Charlie just discovered an (empty) mouse trap along our baseboards and is mortified that we should endanger such a cute creature in that way!

    I'm loving your blogging from the road-so much fun!

    Still waiting for a dry day to go mow...

  2. hi angie - amy from the fb you are in ontario as we speak. any chance you'll be coming by toronto? we could talk reggio homeschooling...

  3. To Amy,
    we are actually now in Albany at a very cool conference called AERO Alternative Education Resource Organization. I got to see a presentation today by Leslie Siegrest. A Narrative Journey Through the Landscape of Reggio Emilia: Documenting the Possibilities. I told her about the group on FB and she is going to connect me to a Reggio Blog... Do you know of one with a green background? Anyways, I think I will post some photos from the workshop. My 8year old attended with me and she got to craft while Leslie spoke. I'd like to follow your blog. How do I do that?