Monday, June 21, 2010

Hartwick Pines State Park

Our first day on the road was really not so bad, considering what it used to be like when I was a kid. We drove out west in the back of a station wagon with all our books, crayons, pads of papers and snacks to eat. No electronics for entertainment. No movies or even head phones to listen to. All gear was packed into the pop-up camper trailing behind us. We had plenty of room to spread out, and even lay down for a nap when we were tired.

459 miles in 9.5 hours in car seats. Not too bad. We opted to stay away from video entertainment. We packed two cd players and lots of audio books, along with pads of paper and colored pencils. The running joke between Jamie and me is the air-conditioner. It blows either arctic cold, or humid warm air. There is no in-between, and it changes at will.

Getting the long drive done in the beginning and ending up at such a lovely, camping cabin made it all worth it. We pulled in to this little gem, The Bright Lake Cabin, took out our dinner supplies and had an easy first night. No tents to set up, just eat by a campfire, play a board game, s'mores and then bed.

Breakfast, fill them up and out on the road. Might be a couple days until our next post. Heading into Canada, no 3G network.


  1. Cabin can't beat it for ease!! Looks cute! Hope the rest of the driving goes smoothly!

  2. Even though there were three bunk beds, did Jamie and I sleep alone? No, Jamie got Finn and I got Piper. Charlotte was the only one who got any sleep.