Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Me Love Mucky!!!

After our 3 day conference in Albany, we changed gears... Gotta keep those kids on their toes! We made our way for the Adirondack Mountains, which to us seem like a forgotten gem. When you think mountains, do they have to be 14ers? These are old beauties. It was a gorgeous drive!

Our first night was a classic stormy downpour. But we made through the night and were all dry. On our second day we knew the chances of rain were pretty positive, but we wouldn't let that stop us. And who wants to spend the whole day in a tent with kids? We did the Bear Mountain Hike, which, after a couple of rainy days, was a mucky mess. Jamie did carry Piper for part of the way, but we are guessing she hiked 2 of the 4 miles of muck. She and Jamie even came up with a song to make her more appreciative of the mud and muck that turned her socks and shoes black to her ankles. Something along the lines of "me love mucky" over and over again.

At times, Jamie resorted to the "under the arm method" carry.
Some very happy hikers that made it to the top of Bear Mountain...

We made it to the bottom!

The stormy skies made for a very beautiful sunset and pictures of the kids enjoying the beach by our campsite.

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