Wednesday, June 9, 2010

This Old Boat Part 2

So the hole in the boat became slightly bigger once we tore away all the rot. All in all it was fixable. I then made the trip to the lumber yard to pick out some cedar boards. I spent the day milling them down. We replaced the bowplate with a piece of quarter sawn oak that I had been carrying around since 1994. It was taken out of a house in Minneapolis that Angie and I restored, but was too good to throw away. I finally got to say to Angie, that yes it was worth keeping it, when after 5 moves she questioned my judgement.

We later flipped the boat over to get at the hull and allow us an easier task of repairing the ribs and shear line.

Here you can see the first layer of cedar being glued and screwed at an angle..

We then glued up long boards of cedar to the side of the hull. Doing it this way makes the hull stronger and more water tight.


  1. You guys crack me up! I am totally impressed with your determination (and abilities)!

  2. Could you tell that Jamie posted that one? We couldn't figure out how to take my name off the post, since I started it just by entering and saving some pictures. When he went to publish, we couldn't edit the name. Just to be clear, I don't know all the sailboat "lingo" just yet. But I'm learning!