Sunday, June 6, 2010

This Old Boat Part 1

So, one day in April I answer the phone, and it's Jamie and he is so excited.
Jamie: "Honey, guess what I got us for free? A sailboat! For FREE!!!"
Me: "That's so awesome! For free?"
Jamie: "Yeah, but it has a hole in it. But it was FREE!"
And so begins the love affair with this new little sweetie. Our friend Brad just happened to be in the right place at the right time. Some guy was actually going to carve it up and burn it. Lucky for us Brad said, "yeah, I know a guy who would love this boat!" Now she is in our care, in the garage, getting a major facelift. Here is Finn welcoming her home.

Upon close inspection of the boat, we found a date stamped on her, 1956. She was made at Johnson Boat Works in Whitebear Lake, MN. She's an X-Boat, and after a little research on the web, we discovered she's one of the first X-Boats. 1956 was the first year these boats were built. She came fully loaded, with the original gear, hardware and sails.

It's a family affair, as you can see below. Piper wants to check it out.

Finn and Jamie work on the deconstruction of the damaged area. Part of the deck and the side need to be taken apart so it can be rebuilt.

Here, Finn is using a hole punch and hammer to chip off the old paint from the screws so Jamie can remove them.

Who's gonna love learning to sail this boat?

Follow us and watch our sweetie get a facelift!

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